Neves & Ferrão's fundamental reason for its existence is to improve the living conditions of its employees and partners, to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and partners and to actively participate in the economic development of its area of ​​activity.

Based on these assumptions, our mission, vision and values ​​can be described as follows:


• Build small and medium sized buildings that are comfortable for their users and energy efficient.
• Rehabilitate old buildings and reuse existing materials whenever possible, extending its life span.


Our vision is that of an inclusive, economically vibrant and architecturally interesting Portugal, not only on the coast but also inland through rural development, with Neves & Ferrão established as a reference for national construction.


• Merit: The professional position of each of our employees is a result of their merit and no other factor.
• Quality: Our customers and partners get nothing less than the best quality available in the market.
• Happiness: To all those with whom Neves & Ferrão relates.

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