Five new houses are being built near Fábrica da Pólvora


By Monique Reprezas


3D render of the 135 investment project | Image by Klid Investimentos

Klid Investimentos has invested in the construction of five town houses, called investment 135, in a very peaceful neighbourhood, situated in Oeiras, which will then be put up for sale once construction has been completed. With spacious roads, a small park right next to the residence, and parking space, residing here would provide tranquillity.


Execution of electrical works | Image by Neves & Ferrão

We are executing the electrical and telecommunications installations for this project. From wires to conduits and fixtures, we are excited for the outcome of these works.


View from the third town house | Image by Neves & Ferrão

Here you can observe the front view, seen from the inside of the third town house.


Construction site of the 135 investment project  | Image by Neves & Ferrão

These homes will be accompanied by beautiful backyards. Each unit will be equipped with solar panels for water heating, as well as air conditioning systems.

last-image (1).jpg

3D render of the 135 investment project | Image by Klid Investimentos

The author of the design is GJP architects, who specializes in rehabilitation, office buildings, urban planning, and residential buildings. 

This construction is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021. If you would like to know more about this project, talk to Klid investimentos, they will be glad to show you around.

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