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By Monique Reprezas


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When placing a house for sale, it is necessary to take the factors of the property into account that may influence the end result of the transaction. The location and the price are the main factors that will attract interested parties, however, the conditions of the house, as well as sinister events that may have taken place, will also have an influence on the success of the sale, among other factors.

An undesirable location could cause problems when trying to sell a house. If a house is near an airport, a power line, a busy street or a nightclub, it could cause problems when trying to sell it.

An unrealistic price is a common issue. When a house is not sold, it is probably because the price is too high.

Unpleasant smells can keep a house from selling. This may sound trivial, but unpleasant smells are one of the most common reasons that a sale transaction would fail. Bad smells could result from sellers who continually smoke indoors, from sewerage problems, and even from having pets indoors.



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The lack of light could make an apartment undesirable. Whether natural or aesthetic, it is important to make sure that there is an appropriate amount of lighting in each room, thus, making the room feel bigger, pleasing to the eyes and will create a certain atmosphere for the room.

A death at the property could make it difficult to sell. At the time of sale, knowledge of a sinister event in the home can influence the final price, especially if it was violent.



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Poor architecture that can’t be changed can render a house unsellable. An example of this would be low ceilings, a difficult floor plan that cannot be easily modified, poor architecture, etc.

Humidity, as well as other factors, causes mould and that can reverse the sale. Learn how to get rid of humidity here. Address your mould problems head on, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

Maintenance or structural problems could keep a house on the market. A house neglected in terms of repairs that have never been renovated can lose a lot of value in the market.

A house that has outdated decor may lose its attractiveness in the market, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Adjusting the small details of a home, even if you need to invest in some upgrades, can really increase the value of a home. Consider staging your home for viewing.

Uncooperative sellers can keep a house from selling. If the homeowner hires a real estate agent but does not assist in the sale process, for example, vacating the property for showings, as well as other factors that could make the sale difficult, it could be an obstacle to the success of the transaction. 


We spoke to Aida Morais, real estate agent at Re/max, who gave us her insight on the matter:


At the top of the list of factors that can contribute to the failure of selling a property would undoubtedly be not hiring a professional in the industry!

In addition to the emotional connection each of us has with our home, which could negatively influence the deal, it is important to keep in mind that in an increasingly complex and competitive market, it is essential to use the services of someone who knows the market, who has the technical knowledge to better promote a property, who will provide support throughout the paper work and bureaucratic process, and finally, that can help with every stage of the process. In this sense, it is important to feel some empathy for the person you are going to work with and, above all, to have a relationship of trust. This person will be the “face” of the property, the connection between the owner (who only wants to sell as quickly as possible for the best value) and a host of other professionals and potential buyers.

Directly related to this issue, I can only mention one that, in my opinion, contributes a lot to the failure of selling a property and remains the first major objection that property consultants face - owners continue to resist to work exclusively with one real estate company. 

Most homeowners still believe that exclusivity is an option that constrains results and reduces the likelihood of a sale. But is it really? Let's talk about that.

The exclusive consultant strives to share not only within your real estate network or brand but also with other brands operating in the market and, of course, with private clients.

By handing over your home to a single professional, the homeowner, in addition to multiplying sales possibilities, saves time. You have to talk to just one person who gets you all the reports of the visits made, all the purchase proposals for your property, works with you using the best tools to promote your property.

Last, but not least, the price of the property.

An improper price is certainly a major factor for many homes remaining on the market for months on end. A good trader helps the homeowner find the best market value so that his home sells faster.

To me, these are undoubtedly the three major objections to selling a property.

Then we find others related to the state of conservation (which may no longer be an objection if the property is at a fair price in the market given its state), and still others related to cleaning, decoration, etc. that can be overcome more easily, as long as there is good advice.

I think it is also worth mentioning that a good photograph is essential when advertising, because the internet is the main research tool for the real estate industry. The photos that buyers see are imperative because this will determine whether the buyer will schedule a visit to the property or not.

If you are thinking of selling your house, make sure you follow the experts’ advice as it might speed up the process as well as maximize the selling price. And don´'t forget, luck plays a role in this as well, so...good luck!

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